Good to see our society has its values in place, agonizing over medical cannabis and banning graffiti while Pell goes scot-free.
Poor old George he has lost his moral compass but his ambition has taken him to the centre of abuse operations in the Vatican. If a trucking company had critically injured a over 100000 children I think it might have gone out of business. The CEO might well have gone to jail.
When Pell hides behind lawyers let us apply the Jesus test. Would he have condoned the treatment of the abused in this way?





The Guardian carried an article pointing out that Hamas was softening on its genocidal charter but that has not happened yet. I do think that with its iron dome in place Israel should have been more restrained but what would Australia do if a neighbour rained 30000 rockets onto its territory. Giving peace a chance is so much cheaper and humane. Maybe money for the tunnels and the rockets would have been better spent on schools and hospitals or lawyers.
THE US SUPPORT OF IRAQ THE IRAQ IRAN WAR In the Iraq instigated war against Iran, one of the most brutal of the twentieth century, President Reagan gave his full backing to Saddam Hussein.

In this war: ‘Iraqi warplanes attacked 34 elementary and high schools in 1986, killing hundreds of children.’


IraQ used mustard gas and sarin The west, as well as USSR, supported the Saddam Hussein and provided him with weapons and means of mass destruction and underground nuclear shelters,

Iraq's army was primarily armed with weaponry it had purchased from the Soviet Union and its satellites in the preceding decade. During the war, it purchased billions of dollars worth of advanced equipment from the Soviet Union, France, [28] as well as from the People's Republic of China, Egypt, Germany, and other sources (including Europe and facilities for making and/or enhancing chemical weapons). Germany [29] along with other Western countries (among them United Kingdom, France, Spain (Explosivos Alaveses), Canada, Italy and the United States) provided Iraq with biological and chemical weapons technology and the precursors to nuclear capabilities (Wikipedia).

The U.S. sold Iraq $200 million in helicopters, which were used by the Iraqi military in the war. These were the only direct U.S.-Iraqi military sales and were valued to be about 0.6% of Iraq's conventional weapons imports during the war. [30] Ted Keppel of ABC Nightline reported the following, however, on June 9, 1992: "It is becoming increasingly clear that George Bush Sr., operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam's Iraq into [an aggressive power]" and “Reagan/Bush administrations permitted — and frequently encouraged — the flow of money, agricultural credits, dual-use technology, chemicals, and weapons to Iraq.” The Reagan Administration secretly began to allow Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt to transfer to Iraq American howitzers, helicopters, bombs and other weapons. These shipments were done without the approval of the U.S. Congress and were in clear violation of the Arms Export Control Act as well as international law. [31] Reagan personally asked Italy’s Prime Minister Guilio Andreotti to channel arms to Iraq. [32]


The United States, United Kingdom, and Germany also provided "dual use" technology (computers, engines, etc.) that allowed Iraq to expand its missile program and radar defenses. The U.S. Commerce Department, in violation of procedure, gave out licenses to companies for $1.5 billion in dual-use items to be sent to Iraq. The State Department was not informed of this. Over 1 billion of these authorized items were trucks that were never delivered. The rest consisted of advanced technology. Iraq's Soviet-made Scuds had their ranges expanded as a result. [33]


In December 2002, Iraq's 1,200 page Weapons Declaration revealed a list of Eastern and Western corporations and countries, as well as individuals, that exported a total of 17,602 tons of chemical precursors to Iraq in the past two decades. By far, the largest suppliers of precursors for chemical weapons production were in Singapore (4,515 tons), the Netherlands (4,261 tons), Egypt (2,400 tons), India (2,343 tons), and Federal Republic of Germany (1,027 tons). One Indian company, Exomet Plastics (now part of EPC Industrie) sent 2,292 tons of precursor chemicals to Iraq. The Kim Al-Khaleej firm, located in Singapore and affiliated to United Arab Emirates, supplied more than 4,500 tons of VX, sarin, and mustard gas precursors and production equipment to Iraq. [36]


The Germans built Mustard Gas facilities. One American firm supplied the chemicals to produce Sarin, another supplied tons of Mustard Gas.

The more Abbott postures sickeningly about the  downed plane his ratings take off and some people seem to be taken in by his grotesque milking the grief for the polls. Like many second rate politicians before he has found that heading for the front of the military parade works  (pace Heller).  The real wreck is the the movement of capital from the poor to the wealthy with his fake budget crisis. The Killing Fields of Inequality  Paperback – December 16, 2013 by Göran Therborn


Stem the flow of arms everywhere. There is surge of irrationality in international politics and a growth in cold war rhetoric.  I have heard frequently that Russia invaded Georgia yet CNN on September 2009 - A report from an EU fact-finding mission determines that the 2008 conflict was caused by Georgia's illegal attack on the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali on August 7-8.
Russia offered to join Europe and America in a defence pact but was ignored.
Crimea's voted for separation bit like Scotland.
Who trained Bin Laden? Where is IS getting its weapons?
Don't worry about Ebola the war virus is very busy killing millions and who profits from this murder?

Barrie Machin Sculptor, printmaker, author, consultant