The real history of ANZAC day  Gaining  your Nationhood at Gallipoli is a bit like becoming a man by having your balls cut off.
Slaves and citizens following colonial masters: Gallipoli, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanstan, US China policy, the Koch brothers. And still not a republic.
Saying we became  a Nation at Gallipoli is like saying to become a man you must have your balls cut off.


I am against the death penalty

But I am also against sickening humbug. Abbott is now shirt-fronting Indonesia over the Bali duo. It seems its OK to execute Indonesian Bali bombers but Australian lives even criminal lives are apparently different. Is that the actual offence--killing Australians?  It would appear so. The deaths of other nationalities seem to meet indifference. You know the kind of announcement: A million Chinese dies but there were no Australia deaths.

We are so good and exerting our cultural superiority, a skill we have been exercising here since the conquest. But it is noticeable that Abbott has been strangely silent in the case of the many prisoners on death row in America. Many disproportionately black and in many cases undoubted innocent.  

Where are the demands for America to stop their executions? Where are the vigils for these victims?

We have even had to suffer the spectacle of Alan Jones telling us that empathy is the mark of a real human being. Made me choke up thinking of all the doll bludgers, the poor and Aboriginal people he empathizes with.

Why such concern from our prime Minister? I guess the polls are not so good at the moment are the.’ There are no recently-downed airlines so Abbott has to make do with attacking the sentencing system of another country and appearing to care about the deaths of two criminals.

I have to ask where are the vigils for the many dead drug addicts? There are probably over 1500 drug deaths a year to which Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, were quite willing to contribute. I struggle to care for them very much like Jonathan Green who writes:

But then I think of all the young people who would have died back in 2005 if their plan to bring 8.3 kilograms of high grade heroin into this country had come off. The nine would have been better than $4 million richer. The drug would have been cut and wrapped and sold to the eager, the sad, the hooked, the adventurous ... to anyone with a fistful of dollars capable of finding a dealer and a vein.

I know they have changed but then there is nothing like a death sentence to concentrate the mind on redemption.  Their potential victims would never have had that chance. And we are strangely silent about this ongoing tragedy and we persist in maintaining the conditions for their death sentences.

Many such young overdosed Australian are victims of ridiculous drug laws, which have lead directly to their death.  Laws which Abbott, Jones and others, shedding their crocodile tears, strongly support despite evidence to the contrary.

But then humanitarian concerns are not really behind this humbug are they? Abbott is even suggesting that Tsunami aid should be sentimentally tied to getting Indonesia to conform to our judicial demands. So I presume that next time there is Tsunami and 100s of thousands of Indonesians die then we will refuse to help because of their failure to appreciate the superiority of our legal system and values and /or because they put two criminals to death.

Good to see our society has its values in place, agonizing over medical cannabis and banning graffiti while Pell goes scot-free.
Poor old George he has lost his moral compass but his ambition has taken him to the centre of abuse operations in the Vatican. If a trucking company had critically injured a over 100000 children I think it might have gone out of business. The CEO might well have gone to jail.
When Pell hides behind lawyers let us apply the Jesus test. Would he have condoned the treatment of the abused in this way?


Barrie Machin Sculptor, printmaker, author, consultant